For many people who have gone through the criminal justice system, it can be difficult and stressful to find a job. Upon filling out and submitting an employment application, many employers will conduct a background check. Dependent on the results of the background check, you may not be given the opportunity.

If you have a case on your criminal record, no matter how long ago, you will want to clear your record as soon as possible. If you do not clear your record, the prospective employer is likely to view information about your case.

However, if you clear your record ahead of time, the case will likely not appear. In fact, in most circumstances, clearing your record gives you the opportunity to legally and confidently deny the existence of the case.

Upon getting the most common relief — a California Expungement under Penal Code 1203.4 — your case will be changed from a Conviction to a Dismissal. In other words, your finding of guilt will have been deemed dismissed.

Dependent on the background check being conducted, the result of the expungement may reflect as Dismissed or may not even appear at all. It depends on the depth of background check and other factors.

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