A licensing issue can keep you from getting hired or cause you to lose your job. This is because of the 82% of employers who background check every new employee before they’re hired, 38% of them check for licensing (career builder). Why risk it?

At the Law Firm of Randall & Johnson, we understand how a past criminal conviction can effect your chances of obtaining a professional license and are here to help.

Our attorneys have experience guiding individuals through the difficult disclosure procedures required by most licensing boards. As an expungement law firm, we are also able to provide relief to the underlying criminal conviction which often causes the core problem.

If you are a business professional and are facing a licensing issue, we are here to help. Learn more on our Lifeback Legal website or request a free consultation below.

Lifeback Legal is the professional licensing division of the Law Firm of Randall & Johnson. We are a full service Law Firm — from gathering documentation, hand-crafting petitions, and dealing with the headache of the legal process. We will fight for you to help you get your life back and obtain your professional license. 


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