Graduating? Changing careers? Recently laid off? No matter the venture you are about to embark on, your resume makes a statement about who you are. So, what is your resume saying about you? The language used, the sentence structure, and layout of the resume — all these aspects make the first impression. Who you are…

Large corporations, such as Uber, are protecting their brand by performing periodic and random background checks on their prospective and current employees. Most companies are now enforcing this type of protocol to create accountability and a safe atmosphere for customers. Whether you are planning on a full time or part time position with Uber, you…

Education is an incredible tool to help increase your future earning potential and get you the lifestyle you deserve. In order to achieve that academic success, you will likely need to pass certain background checks for internships, student loans, and future licensing upon graduation. Many schools will not allow you to apply or graduate if…

It is Friday night and your friends say they want to hang out, blow off some steam after a long week. For many, the first response is: let’s post about it on social media! Tagging location, friends, and the frenzy of drinks that are being whipped up. Wait. Don’t click ‘submit.’ Take a step back….

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