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Arrested? Our attorneys can help.

We provide representation for people arrested of misdemeanor and felony offenses in the Orange County and Los Angeles County area.  We will advocate for you to help you get the best deal or avoid conviction altogether.

We also can help remove warrants and resolve DUI offenses.  

If you have been arrested, we can help you by letting you know what to expect. In most cases, if the prosecutor is pressing charges, a court date will be set for you very quickly.  

What happens at the first court date?

If you were arrested and a court date is set, you should treat the court date very seriously.  The judge will probably want to arraign you on the first court date, and you need someone there to advocate for you in front of the judge and also to make sure that you do not accidentally incriminate yourself in front of the prosecutor.  Hiring your attorney prior to the first hearing is a good way to make sure that you don’t make your situation more difficult to resolve in the best way possible. Also, you want to be careful not to incriminate yourself with the police or the prosecutor.  Having an attorney on your side can protect you from accidentally making your situation worse for yourself or from limiting what types of deals you could get.

There is no way to ensure that you won’t be convicted, but by careful representation, your attorney can make sure that the prosecutor is forced to prove their case and make sure that you know the ramifications of any offers that the state makes.  Your attorney can also help negotiate a deal for you and let you know which of any available deal is the best for you and your goals.  

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Don’t wait until right before your court date to hire an attorney.  Contact us today by phone or by using the contact form below to get started. We offer flexible payment options to fit your needs and you will speak directly with your attorney. Additionally, since our law firm also offers criminal record expungements, once your case is completed, we offer expungement or sealing relief to help you put the case behind you once and for all.  

We exclusively handle criminal cases in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and the cities of Riverside, Chino, and Rancho Cucamonga.

Lifeback Legal is the criminal defense division of the Law Firm of Randall & Johnson. We are a full service Law Firm — from gathering documentation, hand-crafting petitions, and dealing with the headache of the Courts. We will appear on your behalf to show the Court that you deserve relief.


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